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Nearly thirty nuclear powered ships have sailed the world's oceans - many still do.
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NS Otto Hahn

Nuclear Powered Ships of the World

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Image Gallery:  NS Otto Hahn - Germany's Nuclear Powered Cargo Ship

Atomic ship NS Otto Hahn ship schematic

Image Description

This schematic shows the layout of the atomic ore carrier NS Otto Hahn. The Otto Hahn was designed to accommodate both bulk ore shipments and passengers.

Between 1979 and 1982, the NS Otto Hahn was converted from nuclear to diesel power and renamed the MS Trophy. Photographs of the Trophy show the forward superstructure (Section 4 above) was removed* and the aft superstructure was significantly remodeled during the power conversion.

Key to NS Otto Hahn schematic:

1.  Bow section and anchor chain storage 8  Offsite area
2.  Cargo space Number 1  9  Reactor containment area and reactor 
3.  Cargo space Number 2 10  Engine room.  Aft superstructure including living spaces, conference rooms and hospital ward
4.  Auxiliary machine room.   Forward superstructure and bridge. 11  Auxiliary boiler area 
5.  Cargo space Number 3  12  Cargo space Number 5
6.  Cargo space Number 4 13  Cargo space Number 6
7.  Engineering Service room 14  Rudder machinery, water storage tanks

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