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Odd Atomic Fact
During the 1960s, you could cruise in style aboard a luxurious nuclear-powered ocean liner.
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Sl-1 Reactor Accident

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Featured Atomic and Nuclear Accidents

The SL-1 Reactor Accident
Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Idaho, 1960
The world's first fatal nuclear reactor accident, the SL-1 Reactor in Idaho exploded in 1960 killing three operators.  We have details and photographs.  Click here to learn more about the SL-1 Accident.

Other Nuclear and Atomic Accidents

Boeing-RocketDyne Reactor Accident
Simi Hills, Ventura County, California, July 26, 1959
A 30% meltdown of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory reactor core occured after a clog formed in a coolant channel.  Most of the fission products were trapped inside the facility, but radioactive gasses were vented in the third-largest release of radiactive iodine in history. 

Three-Mile Island
Middletown, Pennsylvania, March 28, 1979
A loss of coolant caused a partial meltdown at the top of the reactor core.  Contaminated water escaped into an attached building and some radioactive gas escaped into the environment.

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